Bodywork Basics

What to expect during a massage therapy session

If this is your first bodywork appointment, your therapist will spend time before the session taking information about your physical condition and goals of therapy. Any information gathered is intended solely to provide you with therapy customized to your needs, and is held in strict confidence.

Before your session begins, your therapist will leave the room to give you time to undress. You may remove all of your clothing, or disrobe to the extent that you feel is comfortable. Lie face down on the massage table, with the drape covering your body up to your shoulders. Your therapist will also review this with you if this is your first appointment.

During your session, the therapist may ask whether you would like an increase or decrease in pressure. Different people are comfortable with different levels of pressure, and clients are encouraged to communicate with the therapist to tailor therapy to their needs. The therapist uncovers only the part of your body that is being worked on, ensuring your privacy is respected at all times.

It is not uncommon to drift off to sleep during a session. If this happens, your therapist will touch or tap your shoulder lightly to wake you at the end of your session.


  • Arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment.
  • We request 24 hours notice of cancellation.
  • We suggest that you turn off cell phones or pagers.
  • Kats Pause is smoke free.
  • Kats Pause is a professional massage therapy center.
    Any misconduct by a guest will result in immediate termination of the session.
  • If anything makes you uncomfortable during your session
    – for example, pressure, music, or lighting – tell your therapist.
  • If you have any questions or concerns during the session, let your
    therapist know.
  • If you would prefer different music be played during your session,
    feel free to request a change.
  • Converse during your session or receive therapy in silence – either is fine.
  • Tipping: an 18-20% gratuity is customary.

After your appointment

You may experience slight soreness the day after your massage.
Massage stimulates circulation, and muscles can release water, salt and
other minerals. Drinking plenty of water can help flush these materials
away, and helps prevent soreness.

Stretch after your massage to retain the benefits of massage, and to keep
your muscles limber and relaxed.

You may wish to schedule your next appointment or talk with your therapist about a regular treatment plan.

If you have any questions or concerns following your appointment, call the therapist at 734.761.2149.

Comments contained herein are intended as information only, and not as
medical advice. Consult your physician with specific health concerns.