pause. rebalance. restore.

What would you give to change the constant rushing, to enjoy life just a little more? And how does your body feel? Are your muscles relaxed, or tense? Does your body feel good, or achy and sore?

There is something simple you can do to retreat from your hectic schedule for a little while, to give your mind a break and restore your body’s natural, relaxed, state. Massage therapy.

People come to massage therapy for a variety of reasons. For some, massage is simply a relaxing getaway. Athletes, musicians, artists and office workers use massage therapy to loosen and correct strained muscles and restore balance. Massage is often helpful in addressing injury and chronic pain. Generally, you can expect regular massage therapy to:

  • reduce stress
  • improve circulation
  • reduce back and neck pain
  • improve range of motion


If you are unfamiliar with massage therapy techniques and approaches, all you have to do is speak with your therapist about any specific complaints or goals you may have. Your therapist is trained in a variety of techniques, and can even combine different techniques to address your needs.


Visit Kat’s Pause in Ann Arbor at the Parkway Center:
2345 South Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Appointments are available 9-6 Tuesday through Thursday. Call 734.761.2149.

Kats Pause Therapeutic Bodywork was founded in 1998, and has been providing therapeutic massage in Ann Arbor ever since. With a convenient location and on site parking, Kat,s Pause offers a quiet reprieve.